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Lisa S. McAllister

Born in Hagerstown, MD, Lisa McAllister has been an antiques dealer since 1983. "I grew up with dishes and furniture that were "used" but found out later were antiques. One of the first pieces I remember, I still own: a marked John Bell piece of redware. My mother displayed plastic flowers in it. My first business was at age 16, making jewelry for shops and customers in Hagerstown and Gettysburg, and my sources for beads included antiques shops. Fortunately, my late husband Barry became interested in antiques. It was a lifelong passion for him, and he and our bank had a close personal relationship. I'm not sure why I'm primarily attracted to ceramics. Yellowware is fascinating for me: I've written 3 books on the subject. It took that many books to display the over 1,000 pieces that I've catalogued, and each book is different, so you do need all three. (It's a common misconception that the three books are all the same book and that ParrotBook III is the latest version of Book I...wrong!) I also wrote a book on feather edge/shell edge. It is simple and elegant in design and I use it everyday."

"I have a wide variety of interests but the main ones are books, gardening, and animals. I have four parrots. My other big interest is art and creating it, although I'm not what you would call a painter. I'm influenced by 20th century artists like Joseph Cornell and Robert Rauschenberg, and I have a small collection of anthropomorphic antiques along the lines of Marcel Duchamp's readymades. They're humorous and make you view inanimate objects in a different light!"

"I've given free rein to my wide variety of interests and whatever catches my eye. I sell pieces from the 17th century to mid-20th century and I've tried to reflect that on my website as well as in my booth at shows and in ads. I've helped to build collections, sold to museums and historical sites, and enjoy most meeting people or talking to them about antiques or other interests. Don't hesitate to contact me about something on the site, or if you're looking for a particular antique. "